Why Long Island Divorce Mediation Group?

The Long Island Divorce Mediation Group was founded to make divorce a simpler process controlled by the separating parties. Divorce is a legal solution to a family problem. In the right environment supported by properly trained and knowledgeable professionals, the divorce process can be handled faster, more equitably, and for far less money than litigating in the court system.

A team approach to mediation

Our mediators work as a team. Michael Catalanotto is a practicing divorce attorney with years of experience.  In fact, it is because of that experience that he joined Jennifer Zeidner to found Long Island Divorce Mediation Group.  He came to realize that too many of the couples he saw in court could have achieved their divorces in far less time and for far less money and with far fewer added emotional blows if they had negotiated a mediated agreement instead of engaging in a court battle.  Jennifer Zeidner, a lawyer and trained litigator with years of experience, observed first-hand the toll that courts and trials take on litigants and their families. It was that experience that prompted her to focus a large part of her career on alternative dispute resolution. She is an expertly trained and practicing mediator, and she also is a trained and practicing arbitrator—another legal role that resolves disputes without going to court.

Experts to guide you

Together, Michael and Jennifer help guide couples craft a mutually agreeable divorce or separation agreement.   Michael’s active divorce practice keeps him completely up-to-date on how courts make decisions in divorce cases and on any changes in divorce or related law.  In addition, his expertise and experience enable him to guide clients and the mediation process to cover all the necessary decisions and situations they need to address, so the result is a complete agreement, without loopholes or missing pieces, so that future court visits to clear up confusing text or to resolve unforeseen conflicts are not needed.  Jennifer’s legal expertise and her passion for using negotiation for legal issues, added to her education in social work and psychology, make her a unique and valuable partner in the mediation process.  She adds not only knowledge, but a very real drive and point-of-view that clients appreciate and that add great value to both the substance and the tone of the mediation, as well as an expertise in helping participants learn to work and discuss issues cooperatively and productively.

At Long Island Divorce Mediation Group we serve couples impartially, compassionately, and completely so they achieve the agreement they require as they embark on separate lives. We invite you to meet with us for a free initial evaluation.  We believe you will find that Long Island Divorce Mediation Group is the best firm to guide you through this process.  

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